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The Niz - vocals & guitars            Gino Vonck - drums             Tom - bass               Duncan Paul - guitar & keys


Gino about The Niz

"Axis of the band, rock 'n roller, urge for perfection, most of the time he’s already got something in mind about the song’s structure or about how it should be played, but after some pressure he’s conciliary enough to do it differently"

"...dreamer who has superb things in mind for which he usually has got no time..."


Mario (ex-BASIC IDEA) about The Niz:

"Driver, demanding for both friend and enemy, strives for perfection, the engine, the technician, the brain, the genius… but especially the dreamer of the band… who needs to be put back on earth by the other band members every once in a while. But other than that he’s a good, sweet and harmless little teddy bear."


The Niz about Gino:

"The man with ideas. Always in for trying something different and fresh, to the point where it becomes annoying."

"Fantastic drummer who also learnt the basics of guitar in no time. A real inspiration when he’s trying to copy guitar licks the wrong way..."


Mario (ex-BASIC IDEA) about Gino:

"What can I write about my brother? And it’s got to be positive as well! Have I got some time? I’ve got already 1 word: capricious (like a woman). A man with ups and downs, one moment sparkling of ideas and energy, the next he’s tame, lazy, not interested. Can launch a lot of good stuff but unfortunately does not always has the decisiveness to really finish the job. And yet, when he’s got to deliver, he does."

"The cool guy. No more words and actions than necessary. Although at times some unexpected things can come from him."



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