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Describe the Bandatta Studio and the gear used
Hereunder is a list of most of the studio gear. For more info on some of the items, check here.


Soundtracs Topaz Project 8 – 24 inputs, 8 subgroups, good preamps, musical "British" EQ
Tascam MS16 – 1” reel to reel analogue 16-track recorder
Tascam TSR8 – 1/2” reel to reel analogue 8-track recorder
Tascam MTS1000 & IF1000 – master controller linking all recorders, MIDI and PC together
E-MU 1820m - digital audio system with 24bit/192KHz converters, used mainly for stereo mastering
Tab V72a
Tab V372D
Telefunken V672
Siemens V272
Siemens V274
Neumann V472-2
Telefunken V374a
EMT 156 – old PWM-compressor: stereo version AND working!
Drawmer MX30 - dual mono compressor
Behringer Composer - dual mono compressor
ART MDC2001 – stereo dynamics processor
Roland SRV330 - dimensional space reverb - great reverb unit!
ART SGX2000 - digital effects system with tube preamp
Alesis Quadraverb - the original one from '89 - studio standard effects system
Dynacord VRS23 - analogue tapeless "tape delay" - fresh sounding reverb
Dynacord DRS78 - stereo reverb/delay system from 1978 - good on guitars and keyboards
Dynacord CLS222 – the best analogue leslie simulation I’ve ever heard
Dynacord Echocord Super 65 - tape delay with tube preamp
Klemt Echolette NG51 S - tape delay with tube preamp
Roland RE201 Space Echo - tape delay and spring reverb
MXR Pitch Shifter - best tracking analogue pitch shifter ever
MAM Vocoder - 11-band vocoder and filterbank
Ibanez UE400 - early 1970's multi effects unit - compressor, distortion, phaser, flanger/stereo chorus
Ibanez AD202 - very good-sounding analog delay unit, with doubling and flanger - instant "The Edge" sound.
Ibanez AD190 - analogue delay and flanger unit
Ibanez AD150 - analogue delay unit
+ various stompboxes
Marshall JMP50W - my first tube amp - it's from 1981 and it sounds superb on higher volume...
Vox AC30TBR - rare 1972's version of the AC30TB - it's supposed to have reverb onboard (hence the "R"), unfortunately mine lacks the reverb can.
Hohner Orgaphon 41MH - this is an amp from the mid-sixties, meant for amplifying organs, accordeons, but has also input for bass, guitar, microphone, etc. Great vibrato and a very versatile spring reverb!
Hohner Orgaphon 20MH - the smaller version of the 41MH but without the vibrato. One interesting application of these Orgaphon amps is to use them as a "reverb only" amp - split your guitar signal post-FX, apply reverb and set the 20MH to only amplify the "wet" reverb channel. Nice solution to add reverb to non-reverb amps.
Dynacord DA15/V
Dynacord DA16/V
Dynacord KV6 - the smallest member of the family - great design from the '50's
Dynacord KV12 - instant "garage rock" sound
Dynacord Eminent EMT - an early '60's all-tube modest PA-amplifier
Klemt M40 - this is a 1950's all-tube small PA-amplifier that sounds terrific for guitars
Marshall SE100 - not an amp but a speaker emulation / power soak unit - Swiss army knife of a recording guitarist. Especially well-suited for late night tracking when the kids are asleep :-)
Korg Polysix – analogue synth of 1983
Korg EX800 – analogue synth of the 80’s, this is the module version of the Poly800
Yamaha SY35 – a so-called “ROMPLER” mainly used as master keyboard
Roland RS09 – organ/string synth
Akai S3000i - sampler
Akai S3000XL - sampler
Studio Projects C1 – condenser LD
Sennheiser MD441 – THE best dynamic ever
Sennheiser MD421 – a must for drums
Sennheiser MD412
Sennheiser MD211 - omnidirectional dynamic
AKG D190
AKG D202
Shure SM57 – the workhorse
Shure SM58
Shure 55S – the “Elvis” mic
Beyerdynamic M260
Beyerdynamic Soundstar X1 - the Beyer-version of the MD421




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